Vegan horse saddles

Are you vegan and love horse riding? Are you keen to find an alternative to all-leather saddles?

These days more and more of us are becoming vegan and concerned with animal welfare. We seek more information on how the products we use have been manufactured and the materials they are made from.

There's no doubt about it, being vegan can make it more complicated for you to eat, never mind find a saddle for a pastime that is heavily dominated by leather goods.

But the good news is, you can indeed find alternatives to leather and still enjoy riding whilst staying true to your beliefs.

There are many great synthetic saddles on the market that are cruelty-free. They're lightweight and relatively easy to care for compared to their leather counterparts. Another bonus is that they will be less expensive than full leather saddles and potentially have a longer lifespan.

Synthetic, vegan saddles

If you are looking for a vegan saddle there are plenty of options out there. If you need help - just ask - we are here to help. We have some synthetic options in our range of saddles, for instance, check out our Equinavia Zilco Exercise Smooth 1/2 Tree Saddle

This saddle is made with super soft, synthetic leather, and features a half-tree design that conforms to your horse's back. This style of tree helps to eliminate bridging, a common fitting issue for full tree saddles. The saddle will be stable on your horse's back and help to reduce slipping and back soreness. 

And to keep it clean - just wipe it with a damp cloth - bonus!

Synthetic girths

Of course, if you want a synthetic, vegan-friendly saddle, you will most likely want a synthetic girth. Have a look at our Performance Supafleece Contour Girth by Shires Equestrian.

This girth features a synthetic inner wool lining and soft fleece that sits against your horse’s skin for added comfort.

Synthetic saddle pads

Don’t forget about your saddle pad!

These are also available in synthetic materials. Here at BlackJack Saddles, we have many for you to choose from including this synthetic one, also by Shires Equestrian.

Super-stylish and available in a variety of vibrant colours, these soft faux suede saddle pads come in a range of vibrant colors. They feature a stay dry lining that actively transfers moisture away from the skin, touch close retaining straps, a hardwearing girth guard, a contoured shape for good clearance, and are machine washable.

Vegan saddles and tack

So, as you can see, you can be vegan and get your horse saddlery and tack in synthetic, vegan-friendly materials. This leaves you to enjoy your time in the saddle all the more, safe in the knowledge that you are staying true to your beliefs.

Contact us if you need advice.

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