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    This blog is more geared toward animal welfare and those who don’t know much about horses and want to learn.  Today’s topic of discussion:  Is it Safe to Ride a Horse Without a Saddle?  We will cover frequently asked questions like:  “Are saddles bad for horses, is it better to ride a horse without a saddle, how saddles can improve comfort for horse and rider, what is the best time of day to ride a horse, how long can you ride a horse in a day and why do horses need saddles/how do saddles help the horse?

  • Horse Saddles Explained

    If you read my first blog, you’d know that horse saddles have been used since BC times, and that the materials they’ve been made of have changed over the centuries.  Today’s topic of choice differs slightly and covers what horse saddles are made of, why horse saddles are so hard and some other “need to know” basics of saddles.

  • Horse Saddle Brands

    Everyone has a favorite brand… which is best, worst, most practical and those that fail to meet the needs of the consumer.  Horse saddles are a whole other world; and, if you’re anything like me (from the suburbs and wannabe cowgirl), it can be overwhelming shopping for a new saddle that will check each box on your list.  BlackJack Horse Saddles is a great place to start and has a wide variety of saddles including both English and Western styles.  This blog will go over the basics of the different saddle brands, what makes different saddles specials and the price range.

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