10 great gift ideas for the horse lover in your life

With Christmas fast approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to showcase some gifts you can give to the equestrian in your life. Or, why not treat yourself?  Read on for 10 suggestions that should put a smile on both of your faces!

Here's the thing. We horsey people are pretty particular about what we want to wear or use whilst going about our equestrian business. We lust after that gorgeous jacket or fancy jodphurs, and will happily save up for months for that show-stopping bridle that will make our horse look awesome.

What we don't enjoy quite so much is paying for the “necessary” purchases. Especially when it comes to that dreaded word for any equestrian ... "winter." But if someone else buys them for us ... now that is sheer joy! So we rather enjoy getting these from Santa!

Here are our ten suggestions for great gifts for equestrians, starting with some of the above mentioned “essential” items along with some more fun ones.


  1. The first item on our list are these waterproof, neoprene tall winter boots. Perfect for the equestrian with lots of chores to do. They will keep you dry and cosy, and once you've done all those chores, you can hop straight onto your horse as they're also suitable for riding. The boots also feature smart reflective piping that will enhance your visibility. Perfect for gloomy winter days. They're currently available at 28% off too! 


  1. In the same vein, for cooler days, there is not an equestrian on this planet who wouldn't be delighted with a new, warm fleece to wear. This Equinavia Finntack Pro Fleece unisex jacket is ideal with its zipped pockets. We need zipped pockets. Those who've lost valuable items from pockets whilst on horseback will vouch for that! 

Equinavia unisex fleece jacket


  1. Gifts especially for our horses. Buying a gift for our horse will earn the gift -giver serious brownie points. Especially when it's an essential piece of tack like a bridle. Equestrians love a shiny new bridle, and this Stubben 2500 Freedom Bridle is a real beauty, designed to allow the horse to have freedom of movement. Plus, it looks fabulous.


And now for some more "fun" stocking filler items!


  1. Quirky signs to hang in the barn or at home. Maybe even in the office! We love these rustic, corrugated metal signs available with six unique quotes all horse owners will relate to!

Metal horse quote signs



  1. Hoof picks. Yes, we can get truly excited at a tiny new hoof pick for our grooming kits. They tend to disappear/get borrowed at an astonishing rate. Or get truly bent out of shape as they are often called upon to do the occasional DIY task. So, for a stocking filler, buy us a new one. Even better, buy us two or three. Like this lovely one with a gaited horse design with an engraved silver overlay.fancy hoof pick
  1. Body brushes. Another item we love to get for our grooming kits. This Equinavia one is perfect for the horse owner who loves a bit of "bling" with its crystal-encrusted strap. The horse will love it too as the soft boar hair bristles are gentle yet thorough on their skin and won't irritate them. This is very important. You don't want an irritated horse when grooming. Especially before a ride. That probably won't go well ...


  1. Wine holders. Obviously not for the non-drinkers. But for those of us who do partake and are often heard muttering "I need a drink" after a particularly challenging horse day - this wine holder by JT International shaped just like a pair of spurs is fabulous!


  1. Novelty horse wear. OK, OK, maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but for the more extrovert riders, or youngsters, or for a parade, why not go fully festive and dress your horse up in this complete Christmas set with Christmas hat, quarter sheet and leg wraps? There's even a 3 piece bridle set with bells. Your horse may never speak to you again but just think how many cute photos you could get...

horse Christmas outfit

  1. Picture frames. You don't need to ask whose picture will most likely end up in those (here's a hint - four legs, a mane and a tail). We keep so many photos on our mobile devices these days - there's something extra special about getting a photo frame to put your favourite images in. It's even more fun when the frames are equine-themed like this one by JT International, in the shape of a pair of cowboy boots!

Cowboy boots frame

  1. Quirky horse-themed items for the garden. Believe it or not, there are horse-daft people in the world who like to spend time in their gardens as well as with their horses. Admittedly not a whole lot of time, but we like to try! This horse-shaped planter will bring a smile to the face of any keen horse-mad gardener. It'll brighten up a corner of a patio, or even an indoor space.

horse planter


So there you have it, 10 ideas for some great gifts for the horse-mad person in your life. Have a good look through our website and see what else you can find. If you need any help - just shout. We hope Santa will be good to you!

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